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Personalised & Automated Media monitoring tool to Track, Summarise, and Assess Online media coverages

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Credible and Validated Big Data

Crawling trusted media for our 1st tier source of information will give every report an accurate and accountable analysis that can be used for summarizing information and decision making

Advanced Algorithms

With an intensive research of the KBBI (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia), we manually catalogued words that contain emotions into a corpus and harness them into our algorithms by analyzing its 4 dimensions (denotation, superordinate, spelling, and lexis) to summarize and automatically generate an article’s sentiments accurately.

Near-Realtime Crawler

News’ big data are not as centralized as social media’s, and thus, acquiring and processing them will require a completely new approach.

Geographical Mapping w/ NER

We can identify the occurrence of people, organization and certain events within online articles based on geographies. our Named-entity recognition is updated daily.

One-Click Reporting

Archive interesting keywords in a click. Any keyword, anywhere and anytime. Options are available for a presentation in .PPTX or for a detailed meeting in .DOCX